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Unique Reason to Buy Now

Here's one way to maintain quality in your new home, acquire beautiful features, lower your investment and still cut months off between ordering and actual move-in time.
First, a brief history:  Around 2007, "no doc" loan became the rage.  That means even if you couldn't finance a bicycle, you could buy a $200,000+ home.  Not because the banks pulled a scam.  Nope, it was because a cabal of cretins in our federal government decided to change the rules and affect sweeping social change by discarding sound banking rules.  
The effect was disastrous.  Millions of homes were lost over the next decade.  Millions of families found themselves saddled with home debt they could not possibly cover.  As a result, suddenly all across America, the housing market was overwhelmed with countless desperation sales of homes.  Banks were inundated with repossessed homes they had to sell at terrific losses. That, of course, drove comparable values crazy low.  Thousands of contractors went bankrupt.  New homes that should have been worth say, $250,000 were unmarketable.  Banks who were backing the builders lost billions.  New construction, except an isolated "boom" area, was dead for a decade.  
The larger modular companies with many factories and several states just closed the plants in the hardest areas.  Many smaller factories had to close the doors or curtail production drastically.  Of course, they lost their best people.  
Enter today.  The market has rebounded.  The old tried and true rules are back in place.  The free market system has absorbed all the undervalued homes.  Appraisals now reflect true worth.  Hence, demand is now awesome.  
However, all the factories (and site builders) for the last three years have been frantically adding and training new people to handle the demand.  
If you are ordering a custom modular home, it begins with an "old fossil" like me whiting out the drawing, adding length, moving walls, repositioning cabinets, etc. and noting the options you need.  Then, that construct goes to factory engineering to become a new plan.  Building code must be strictly followed.  Upon your ordering, that plan and specifications must become a package of about 30 pages denoting wiring, plumbing diagram, window and door replacement, heat loss and gain compilation, to name a few items.  These calculations must all conform to international building code right down to any specifications of foundation denoting exact support pillar location.  That package is sent to the state where a third party engineering company reviews it very closely, often consulting with the factory engineering department on specific codes.  Then, that package is returned to the factory with the third party's engineering stamp on every page.
Then, and only then, can our contractor proceed with that package to pull your building permit.  
Of course, that procedure assures the consumer that they are investing in the very best.  
Unfortunately, the above procedure takes time.  Often weeks.  Plus, we must insure that on the assembly line and in the field you, the consumer, are getting the very best workmanship.  
And, remember, your home cannot be scheduled for construction until that engineering process is completed and state approved.  
No country is better situated to the above scenario than America.  That is what we are all about.  Not only can we grow into demand, we can do it better that anybody.  
One custom builder right here in North Carolina, Jim Holmes, with a decades long history of honorable, meticulous construction of excellent modular homes, has created a series of plans that may very well fit your new home concept.  Those plans have already been submitted to the state and are ready to go provided no changes are made.
He has taken a series of plans with an attractive array of features that will suit many discerning buyers. (Of course, not all).  These plans have all gone through the rigorous engineering process and are ready to go into production.  He has included many beautiful items as standard.  He also has a list of available options.  However, if you want a construction detail that is not in the available option, that will exclude your getting the discount cost of this series.  But, if what he has selected does match your wants and needs, you will save thousands of dollars, have beautiful amenities and cuts weeks, maybe months of waiting time before moving into a very high quality home with great value retention.
Following is a list of the selected floor plans and their available standards and options...          

6028 Pebble Beach @1610 sq ft


6028 J Cypress Point Version 3 @ 1610 sq ft

$ 121,899

6828 Oakmont @1824 sq ft $133,250

5228 Somerset Hills @1395 sq ft


6028 1 Seminole @1610 sq ft


6828 A Cypress point @ 1824 sq ft


6828  Cypress Point Version 2 @ 1824 sq ft $132,381

5828 C Shadow Creek @ 1503 sq ft